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Joining the Dots

Marc Jacobs, Fall 2011

Flowers in the Window

Mulberry, Fall 2011

One of my most favorites from London this season

Marmalade Skies

DKNY, Fall 2011

I want every coat in this collection! And skirt…and shirt…and shoe…and sweater…

Good Day Sunshine

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fall 2011

Up From Below

Proenza Schouler, Fall 2011


D&G, Fall 2011

Madder Red

Betty Jackson, Fall 2011

And They Were All Yellow

Jil Sander, Fall 2011

Skin Orders

Prada, Fall 2011

An End Has A Start

Christian Dior, Fall 2011

This has obviously been a controversial season for Dior. The heartbreaking news of John Galliano’s vile actions was a hit to the entire fashion community, and the rumor mill has been churning out quite the list of possible replacements. Galliano was always an innovator in fashion, creativity, and style, and Dior will definitely be a different place once a successor is named. 

Galliano’s final collection left me with mixed feelings. To be honest, I didn’t love the whole thing. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as overall cohesive and exciting as his past collections. Luckily the accessories were stellar as always (those shoes!!), and the last batch of gorgeous dresses stole the show. An extension of the Couture collection, the frothy pastel gowns floated down the runway and reminded everyone why Dior is so great. The final bow of the Dior design team was the perfect high note to this otherwise sad farewell, and gave the somber occasion a silver lining. It’s sad to see Galliano go, especially under these circumstances, but in the words of The Editors, even an end has a start. 

Plastic Jungle

Givenchy, Fall 2011

One of my absolute top 10 favorites from fashion month. I can’t get enough! 

Pale Blue Eyes

Missoni, Fall 2011

Confessions on a Dance Floor

Balmain, Fall 2011


Antonio Marras, Fall 2011

Blue Skies

Nina Ricci, Fall 2011